Latest Omnibus Changes

Date of Event Name of Event & Details
03/21 to 03/25 Carolina International CIC and H.T. {Edited 02/07}
(NC, A- 2) - The Advanced Level will be offered.
03/24 to 03/25 Poplar Place Farm March H.T. {Edited 03/02}
(GA, A- 3) - A Starter class has been added. 
The FEI levels, Advanced and Intermediate Levels will not be offered.   
03/24 to 03/25 Southern Arizona H.T. {Edited 03/15}
(AZ, A- 10) - Accepting Post Entries through 3-17-2018 with PE Fee of $35 applied.

Show Jumping Test of Choice schedule change - see Tentative Schedule and Other Information for time changes. 
03/29 to 03/31 Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. {Edited 11/15}
(TX, A- 5) - In observance of Easter Sunday, the horse trials will run Thursday thru Saturday. 
03/30 to 04/01 Rocking Horse Spring H.T. {Edited 02/27}
(FL, A- 3) - Dressage Test change for Intermediate and Preliminary: both will ride Test A. Preliminary Test A is ridden in a small arena.
03/30 to 04/01 Galway Downs International H.T. {Edited 03/19}
(CA, A- 6) - Post Entries will be accepted through Thursday, March 22nd; a $50 late fee will apply.  
An Advanced Level will be offered.
On March 7th an anomaly was discovered with the online omnibus page. The entry fees, refund and change dates were affected. The online page has been corrected, and for those with a printed copy, that page is correct.    
Updates to RV availability and payment.
Secretary email change.
Secretary Change - See Online Page.
04/01 to 04/01 Full Gallop Farm April H.T. {Edited 02/23}
(SC, A- 3) - The cross-country course will be closed on March 25th.
Changes to the Tentative Schedule and Schooling Days (see Other Information for Schooling Days' schedule).
04/04 to 04/08 The Fork CIC3*/CIC2*/CIC1* & HT {Edited 03/21}
(NC, A- 2) - Accepting Post Entries through Tuesday, March 27th, no late fee!
Revised Tentative Schedule - see online page.
04/07 to 04/07 Pine Hill Spring H.T. {Edited 03/16}
(TX, A- 5) - Post Entries being accepted through Tuesday March 27th, a $75 late fee will apply. 
04/07 to 04/08 Spring Bay H.T. {Edited 03/20}
(KY, A- 8) - Accepting Post Entries through Monday, March 26th. Only entries paid with a credit card through Xentry, EventEntries and Blue Horse will be accepted. A $30 late fee will apply.

Spring Bay HT is excited to announce that we will be hosting an Intercollegiate Team Challenge.

Intercollegiate Team Challenge is open to Team Riders in any USEA/USEF Division offered.
If you are a team coach or representative, please email a list of TEAM MEMBERS to [email protected]
Teams are comprised of 3 or 4 riders - scramble teams can/will be assigned to form additional teams.
Stabling: Please include College/University on the stabling list - not individual names.
04/08 to 04/08 CDCTA Spring H.T. {Edited 03/20}
(VA, A- 2) - Post Entries will be accepted through Sunday, April 1st; a $75 late fee will apply.  
04/11 to 04/15 Ocala International 3-Day Festival of Eventing Presented by Ocala Ranches {Edited 03/12}
(FL, A- 3) - Intermediate will ride Test A. 
04/12 to 04/15 Twin Rivers CCI,CIC & H.T. {Edited 01/17}
(CA, A- 6) - The fee for RV hookups is $25/day. 
04/13 to 04/15 Fair Hill International H.T. {Edited 03/13}
(MD, A- 2) - Revised schedule - see online listing.
Prize money for CIC3. 
04/21 to 04/21 Sporting Days Farm H.T. III {Edited 02/05}
(SC, A- 3) - A $20.00 fee will be assessed for incomplete paperwork after the closing date.
Secretary change of address - see online listing.
Change to Wait List Policy.
04/21 to 04/22 River Glen Spring H.T. {Edited 02/28}
(TN, A- 3) - New show office telephone number - (865) 805-0848.  
04/21 to 04/22 St. Johns H.T. {Edited 02/20}
(AZ, A- 10) - Entries received by March 20th will receive a $25 credit, not discount.   
Preliminary level will not be offered.  PT and Intro divisions have been added. 
04/27 to 04/29 Fresno County Horse Park H.T. {Edited 03/13}
(CA, A- 6) - The Cross-country Courses will close Tuesday, April 17 at dusk.
05/03 to 05/06 Heart of the Carolinas 3-Day Event & H.T. {Edited 01/09}
(SC, A- 3) - CT, CAT, FEH, and YEH classes will not be offered.
05/04 to 05/06 The Event at Skyline {Edited 03/21}
(UT, A- 9) - An IP division has been added.  
05/05 to 05/06 Penny Oaks H.T. {Edited 02/21}
(IN, A- 8) - Dressage Test Change: Beginner Novice will ride Test A. 
Camping fee is $25 per night. 
05/11 to 05/13 Galway Downs Spring H.T. {Edited 01/11}
(CA, A- 6) - Secretary Change - See Online Page.
05/11 to 05/13 Winona Horse Trials {Edited 03/14}
(OH, A- 8) - The Salty, Sassy and Spunky Starter Team Challenge has been added -see for details. 
Intercollegiate Team Challenge will be offered.
05/12 to 05/13 Grindstone Mountain Farm H.T. {Edited 01/04}
05/12 to 05/13 Mill Creek Pony Club H.T. at Longview {Edited 03/16}
(MO, A- 4) - Offering Starter and Green as Grass Combined Test (Dressage/Show Jumping) in addition to Starter HT (three phases).  To enter a combined test, please note "Combined Test" on entry form.  
New email address for show secretary. See online page.  
05/25 to 05/27 The Spring Event at Woodside {Edited 01/24}
(CA, A- 6) - The cross-country course will close on Tuesday, May 8th at sundown. 
Secretary Change - See Online Page.
05/25 to 05/27 May-Daze at the Park H.T. {Edited 02/12}
(KY, A- 8) - Dressage Test Changes: Training, Novice and Beginner Novice will ride Test A of the respective levels. 
Entry fee increase due to horse park fees for I/IP and T- see entry fee section. 
05/31 to 06/03 IEA Horse Trials, Classic Training & Novice 3-Day Event {Edited 02/21}
(IN, A- 8) - A Starter Eventing Test will be offered. 
05/31 to 06/03 Colorado Horse Park CCI**/*, CIC** and Horse Trials {Edited }
06/02 to 06/03 Waredaca H.T. {Edited 03/14}
(MD, A- 2) - Modified will not be offered at the June Horse Trials. 
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