Latest Omnibus Changes

Date of Event Name of Event & Details
09/28 to 09/30 Stable View Oktoberfest CIC and Horse Trials {Edited 09/07}
(SC, A- 3) - 9-7-18: Due to the high number of entries, changes have been made to the tentative schedule for A,I and P.  
8-30-18: National levels are FULL: Accepting wait list entries by check payment only.
8-14-2018: RV spots are FULL !!
09/28 to 09/30 Jump Start H.T. {Edited 08/14}
(KY, A- 8) - We have been advised that we must start collecting 6% KY Sales tax on competition entry fees - this 6% tax only applies to the entry fee, and not to stabling, or any other additional fees.   Please add this to your payment when you submit your entry.   Otherwise, we will collect it from you when you check in.
NOTE: In Xentry, the 6% Sales tax can be added to your entry by selecting (according to Level entered) in the Additional Options section on the Stabling page.
09/29 to 09/30 University of New Hampshire H.T. {Edited 09/11}
(NH, A- 1) - Accepting Post Entries with P.E.Fee of $50
09/29 to 09/29 FEH Central Championships at Texas Rose Horse Park {Edited 08/28}
(TX, A- 5) - A grounds fee for non-stabled horses has been added, $30 per horse. 
09/30 to 09/30 Larkin Hill H.T. {Edited 09/12}
(NY, A- 1) - Accepting Post Entries thru Monday, September 24th, a $50 late fee will be assessed. 
10/04 to 10/07 Woodside International Horse Trials {Edited 08/13}
(CA, A- 6) - Intro Junior and Senior Amateur divisions will be offered, as well as a regular Intro class.  Indicate on entry form if entering Junior or Senior Championship or the regular class. 
RV Rentals and Camping rate adjustments - refer to the online omnibus page. 
10/06 to 10/07 Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials {Edited 08/21}
(TN, A- 3) - Dressage Test Change: The Starter division will ride the 2015 USDF Intro Test C-Sm. 
10/13 to 10/14 Las Cruces H.T. {Edited 09/12}
(NM, A- 10) - The horse trials will run over two days - see Tentative Schedule.  
10/13 to 10/13 Radnor Hunt H.T. {Edited 08/16}
(PA, A- 2) - Preliminary Dressage Test Change: Preliminary will ride Test A in the small arena.
10/13 to 10/13 Paradise Farm H.T. {Edited 08/22}
(SC, A- 3) - Change in secretary and contact information - see online listing.  
10/13 to 10/14 Majestic Oaks H.T. {Edited 09/04}
(FL, A- 3) - Ribbons will be awarded thru 6th place. 
10/17 to 10/21 Hagyard Midsouth Three-day Event & Team Challenge H.T. {Edited 08/17}
(KY, A- 8) - All horses must be registered with USEA, including BN.  
10/17 to 10/21 Fair Hill International CCI***/** {Edited 08/16}
(MD, A- 2) - Show Secretary Change of Address - see online listing. 
10/26 to 10/28 Windermere Run H.T. {Edited 09/10}
(MO, A- 4) - FEH classes have been added to Friday's schedule. 
10/27 to 10/28 Holly Hill Fall H.T. {Edited 09/07}
(LA, A- 5) - Area Championships venue change: The Intermediate, Preliminary and Training area championships will be held at the Texas Rose Horse Park, November 10-11.    
10/27 to 10/28 Chattahoochee Hills H.T. {Edited 08/13}
(GA, A- 3) - An Advanced division has been added.
Dressage Test Change: Preliminary will ride the "A" test in the small arena.  
Fee increase for Intermediate - see online listing. 
11/01 to 11/04 The Virginia CCI/CIC & H.T. {Edited 08/13}
(VA, A- 2) - A Starter division has been added. 
11/10 to 11/11 Texas Rose Horse Park Fall H.T. {Edited 09/07}
(TX, A- 5) - Hosting the Area V Intermediate, Preliminary and Training Championships. 
11/15 to 11/18 Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day International Event {Edited 07/26}
(FL, A- 3) - Entry fee adjustment - see online entry.

Prize money and prizes update - see awards section.  
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