Latest Omnibus Changes

Date of Event Name of Event & Details
03/31 to 04/02 Galway Downs International Horse Trials {Edited 03/15}
(CA, A- 6) - Post Entries are being accepted through Tuesday March 21st with a $50 fee. An Advanced Level will not be offered.
04/02 to 04/02 Full Gallop Farm April H.T. {Edited 02/27}
(SC, A- 3) - AI/I distance now at 3000m. IP/P distance now at 2800.
Training Cross-country speed changed from 420 mpm to 450 mpm.
04/05 to 04/09 The Fork CIC3*/CIC2*/CIC1* & HT {Edited 03/07}
(NC, A- 2) - Make checks payable to TIEC.
Modified Level (3'5") has been added.
04/07 to 04/09 Chattahoochee Hills H.T. {Edited 03/22}
(GA, A- 3) - Dressage Change: The CIC2 and the CIC1 will ride the B dressage test.
04/08 to 04/08 Pine Hill Spring H.T. {Edited 03/20}
(TX, A- 5) - Accepting Post Entries thru Tuesday, March 28th, with $40 late fee.
04/08 to 04/09 Spring Bay H.T. {Edited 03/20}
(KY, A- 8) - Post Entries accepted thru Friday, March 31st: Entry fee $255 plus stabling and association fees.
04/08 to 04/09 St. Johns H.T. {Edited 03/21}
(AZ, A- 10) - Accepting Post Entries through Tuesday, March 28th, no late fee.
The new Modified Level will not be offered in 2017. 
04/09 to 04/09 CDCTA Spring H.T. {Edited 03/21}
(VA, A- 2) - Accepting Post Entries thru Sunday, April 2nd, with a $75 late fee.
04/09 to 04/09 Exmoor Eventing YEH & FEH presented by Fernhill Sport Horses {Edited 02/28}
(FL, A- 3) - Offering the new FEH 4 year-old class.
04/12 to 04/16 Ocala International 3-Day Festival of Eventing Presented by Brian Cox Farm Team {Edited 02/27}
(FL, A- 3) - See Online Listing for the following changes:
FEI Entry Fee Increase; Stabling Fee Change;
Camping Hook-ups fee increase;
Advanced Combined Test will ride the 2017 FEI Four-star Test A.  
04/14 to 04/16 Fair Hill International H.T. {Edited 01/19}
(MD, A- 2) - Entry Fee Corrections for CI's and Advanced HT - see online listing.
Change of Address for Show Secretary - see online listing.
04/15 to 04/16 FENCE H.T. {Edited 03/20}
(SC, A- 3) - The Starter Class will ride the USDF 2015 Intro Test.
04/22 to 04/22 Sporting Day Farm Horse Trials {Edited 02/21}
(SC, A- 3) -   
04/28 to 04/30 Fresno County Horse Park H.T. {Edited 01/13}
(CA, A- 6) - A Novice 3-Day Level has been added.
04/29 to 04/30 Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring H.T. {Edited 03/16}
(VA, A- 2) - To clarify the refund policy: there is no refund after 9:00 PM April 27th.
The Loudoun Hunt Pony club Spring Horse Trials is pleased to announce it will be participating in The Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P) for Intermediate, Preliminary, Training, Novice and Beginner Novice levels. If you would like to participate in the awards program, please provide a copy of your T.I.P registration card with your entry. T.I.P number applications are available online at
05/03 to 05/07 Heart of the Carolinas 3-Day Event & H.T. {Edited 03/16}
(SC, A- 3) - In addition to the FEH Yearling, 2 & 3 year-old classes, a 4 year-old FEH has been added. 
The distance for Phases A & C have been revised - see online listing.
ALL dressage for three-day, horse trials, combined test and coaching allowed test riders will take place on Friday, May 5.  Horse Trials, CT and CAT competitors please notify organizer if you anticipate a Friday arrival and we will do our best to accommodate your dressage times for the afternoon. 
05/06 to 05/07 Penny Oaks H.T. {Edited 03/20}
(IN, A- 8) - Bedding is ONLY available if you call the Hoosier Horse Park office (812-526-6809); order your bedding & pay for it. 
05/06 to 05/07 MCTA H.T., Inc {Edited 01/05}
(MD, A- 2) - Change of Address for Secretary - see online listing. 
05/07 to 05/07 Riga Meadow Combined Test {Edited 01/23}
(CT, A- 1) - The Combined Test is being held over one-day Sunday, May 7th.  
05/12 to 05/14 Winona Horse Trials {Edited 03/17}
(OH, A- 8) - The Winona Horse Trials is pleased to announce the addition of the Future Event Horse classes. Whether you're looking to qualify for the USEA Future Event Horse Championships or you simply want to get your youngsters out and about, this is the show for you. The classes for yearlings, 2 and 3 year olds and the NEW class for 4 year olds which will include an under-saddle portion. Classes will begin at approximately at 3:00 Fri afternoon May 12th.
In addition, there will also be an Intercollegiate Team Challenge.
More information can be found on the Stone Gate Farm website
05/13 to 05/14 King Oak Farm Spring H.T. {Edited }
05/13 to 05/14 Grindstone Mountain Farm Spring H.T. {Edited 03/06}
(MA, A- 1) - Change of Address for Secretary - see online listing.
05/20 to 05/21 Fair Hill International H.T. {Edited 01/19}
(MD, A- 2) - Change of Address for Show Secretary - see online listing.
05/25 to 05/28 Virginia CCI/CIC & H.T. {Edited 03/13}
(VA, A- 2) - YEH classes have been added.
05/26 to 05/28 May-Daze at the Park H.T. {Edited 02/28}
(KY, A- 8) - Various fee changes for entry, stabling, KY Park & non-compete horses - refer to online listing. 
05/26 to 05/28 Equestrians Institute H.T. {Edited 02/07}
(WA, A- 7) - An IP division has been added; the CT-I will not be offered. 
Entry Limit at 240.
Entry fee increase of $3.00.

08/05 to 08/06 Windy Wyoming H.T. {Edited }
08/26 to 08/27 Moqui Meadows H.T. {Edited }
08/26 to 08/27 Chattahoochee Hills H.T. {Edited }
09/09 to 09/10 Five Points H.T. {Edited }
09/24 to 09/24 Larkin Hill H.T. {Edited }
09/29 to 10/01 Spokane Sport Horse Farm Fall H.T. third annual {Edited 08/11}
(WA, A- 7) - Preliminary and IP Divisions will be ridden in a 20m x 60m standard arena.  
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