Latest Omnibus Changes

Date of Event Name of Event & Details
06/30 to 07/02 Horse Park of New Jersey H.T. I {Edited 06/14}
(NJ, A- 2) - Accepting Post Entries through Tuesday, June 20th, with a $25 late fee.
The Tentative Schedule has been clarified - see online listing.  
07/05 to 07/09 The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm I {Edited 06/21}
(MD, A- 2) - 4 year-old FEH class has been added.
07/07 to 07/09 Great Meadow International - FEI Nations Cup Eventing Series {Edited 06/05}
(VA, A- 2) - The close date is Tuesday, June 20th.
07/07 to 07/09 Coconino Summer I H.T. {Edited 06/23}
(AZ, A- 10) - Accepting Post Entries through Wednesday, June 28th; late fees will apply.
07/08 to 07/09 Powder Basin H.T. {Edited 06/12}
(WY, A- 9) - CT classes at Intermediate and Preliminary have been added.
Veterinarian change - see online listing.
07/08 to 07/08 Roebke's Run H.T. {Edited 06/21}
(MN, A- 4) - Accepting Post Entries through Tuesday, June 27, with no late fee.
The entry fees published did not include the stabling fee. The new entry with stabling is as follows:
I/P: $360.00; T/N/BN: $345.00; Starter: $240.00.
07/09 to 07/09 Old Chatham H.T. {Edited 06/21}
(NY, A- 1) - Accepting Post Entries through Tuesday, July 4th, with a $50 late fee.
07/14 to 07/16 Champagne Run at the Park H.T. {Edited 05/25}
(KY, A- 8) - New golf cart rental agency and stabling steward email address - see Stabling/Veterinarian section.
Non-compete horse fee is $45.  
07/19 to 07/23 Event at Rebecca Farm {Edited 06/23}
(MT, A- 7) - Event is full - only accepting entries with check for placement on a waitlist. CCI waitlist entries accepted also - mail completed entry with check. 
Fee increase for Extra Stabling from $30 to $50.
Barns will open on Monday at 8:00 am.
No early arrivals before noon on Saturday.
07/28 to 07/30 Cobblestone Farms H.T. {Edited 06/09}
(MI, A- 8) - New email address for secretary: [email protected]

Complete, correct entries received by June 11, will receive a 10th Anniversary Cobblestone T-shirt.   
08/05 to 08/06 River Glen Summer H.T. {Edited 06/21}
(TN, A- 3) - Correction to the secretary's email address: [email protected]
08/05 to 08/06 Windy Wyoming H.T. {Edited }
08/11 to 08/13 Otter Creek Summer H.T. {Edited 06/14}
(WI, A- 4) - The Modified Level will not be offered.
Contact Event Secretary about reserving and RV site: In the event of oversubscription on opening day, a draw will be made of all requests and remainders placed on a waitlist.
08/11 to 08/13 GMHA Festival of Eventing August Horse Trials {Edited 06/07}
(VT, A- 1) - Change to the Saturday Schedule - see online listing.
08/12 to 08/13 WindRidge Farm Summer Horse Trials {Edited 04/17}
(NC, A- 2) - TEAM CHALLENGE: Teams consist of four riders competing in the same Division (P,T,N,BN or Starter Division). Write your team name on your entry form.  If you wish to ride on a team but do not have enough riders to form one , please email the secretary and she will help you get on a team. There is no additional fee to compete as a team. Prizes awarded to first place winners of each Division upon the conclusion of this event.
COLLEGE TEAM CHALLENGE: Enter your College Team (may be across Divisions) for the College Team Grand Prize. There is no additional fee to compete as a team. Prizes will be awarded to all members of the first place team.
08/19 to 08/19 Applewood Farm YEH/FEH & Mini Event {Edited 05/24}
(NJ, A- 2) - FEH 4 year-old class has been added.
08/25 to 08/27 Caber Farm Horse Trial {Edited 05/08}
(WA, A- 7) - Changes made to entry fees, information regarding bedding( under Stabling) and the cross-closed date has been changed to Monday, August 7th. 
08/26 to 08/27 Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Fall H.T. {Edited 06/14}
(VA, A- 2) - New show secretary - see online listing for name and contact information.
08/26 to 08/27 Moqui Meadows H.T. {Edited }
08/26 to 08/27 Chattahoochee Hills H.T. {Edited }
08/30 to 09/03 USEA AEC, Adequan Gold Cup Finals, and ATC Finals {Edited 06/21}
(NC, A- 2) - Change to the tentative time schedule.
09/09 to 09/10 Five Points H.T. {Edited }
09/15 to 09/17 Otter Creek Fall H.T. {Edited 04/06}
(WI, A- 4) - Contact Event Secretary about reserving an RV site.
09/23 to 09/24 Sundance Farm H.T. {Edited 06/21}
(WI, A- 4) - Directions have been clarified, see online listing.
09/28 to 10/01 3rd Annual Fall Spokane Sport Horse Farm H.T. {Edited 08/11}
(WA, A- 7) - Preliminary and IP Divisions will be ridden in a 20m x 60m standard arena.  
09/29 to 10/01 Willow Draw International {Edited }
10/01 to 10/01 ESDCTA New Jersey H.T. at the Horsepark {Edited 03/30}
(NJ, A- 2) - FEI Dressage Tests to be used for the Combined Test.  
10/14 to 10/14 Ocala Fall Event Presented by Brian Cox Team {Edited }
10/21 to 10/22 Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T. {Edited 06/22}
(SC, A- 3) - COLLEGE TEAM CHALLENGE: Enter your College Team (may be across Divisions) for the College Team Grand Prize. There is no additional fee to compete as a team. Special prizes will be awarded to all members of the first place team.  
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