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While most eventing eyes were on the FEI Eventing Nations Cup at Great Meadow International, competitors in Flagstaff, Arizona claimed victories of their own at the Coconino Summer Horse Trials I on July 6-8, home to Area X’s Charles Owen Technical Merit Award. Jennifer Miller and Madison Santley performed like professionals on cross-country as they earned the Adult Amateur and Junior Charles Owen Technical Merit Awards for their safe and effective riding.
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The week before and 17 hours south of The Event at Rebecca Farm another popular show attracts eventers from the Western states which is the Coconino Summer Horse Trials II and their Classic Three-Day Event. On July 11 – 14 in Flagstaff, Arizona, Summer Peterson, Hailey Dahlstrom, and Lisa Jacobs took home blue ribbons in the Coconino Classic Three-Day Event at the Training, Novice, and Beginner Novice levels.
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The Coconino Summer I Horse Trials in Flagstaff, Arizona (Area X), July 6-8, 2018, Will offer $10,000 in prize money split between the Open Intermediate, Open Preliminary, Open Training, and Open Novice divisions. First place in each division will receive $1,200, second place will receive $800, and third place will receive $500.
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The Coconino Horse Trials hosts three USEA recognized events a year: their Spring Horse Trials and their back-to-back Summer I and Western Underground, Inc. Summer II Horse Trials and Novice/Training Three-Day Event at the Coconino County Fairgrounds in Fort Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, AZ (Area X). Coconino Horse Trials offers Intro through Intermediate level competition in addition to hosting YEH, FEH, and USEA Classic Series competitions at the Summer II Horse Trials.
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The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award was established in 2009 by the USEA Professional Horseman’s Council (PHC) to encourage safe and appropriate cross-country riding technique. The award is presented at a series of events throughout the year at the Training level to one junior rider and one adult amateur rider who demonstrate technique on cross-country for a list of criteria including gallop, preparation, execution of jump, rider position, and general impressions.
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Fifteen riders across the Novice and Training Three-Day divisions at the Western Underground, Inc. Coconino Summer II Horse Trials & T/N3D Event experienced the thrill of the ‘chase through the woods at the Coconino County Fairgrounds in Flagstaff, Arizona (Area X) and participated in a series of educational activities to increase their knowledge of the long format.
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In the midst of the whirlwind of excitement between the U.S. taking gold in the Pan American Games and Area II winning the CH-J* at the Adequan/FEI NAJYRC, Coconino Horse Trials held a USEA Classic Series Training and Novice Three-Day competition in Flagstaff, Ariz. With levels ranging between the USEA Young Event Horse Seires 4-year-old division to Intermediate, it was undoubtedly a great weekend for all at Coconino.
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This past weekend the Coconino Classic 3-Day Event hosted another successful SmartPak Equine USEA Training Three-Day in Flagstaff, Arizona.  With 15 divisions ranging from Pre-Comp to Intermediate-Preliminary, seven riders competed in the Training Three-Day. 
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The SmartPak Equine/USEA Training Three-Day Event, held at the Coconino Horse Trials in Flagstaff, Arizona hosted eight competitors from July 14-17. Cool temperatures due to high altitudes mixed with shade from lofty Ponderosa Pines created a uniquely enjoyable atmosphere for the competitors. 
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Due to the recent Equine Herpesvirus (EVH-1) outbreak, the Coconino Horse Trails organizing committee has decided to reschedule the June 4-5, 2011 USEF/USDF Coconino Dressage Show and the Spring Coconino Horse Trials to September 17-18, 2011.  We feel this change will eliminate the need of transporting horses during the time frame that our veterinarian community needs to get a handle on the outbreak, where it is, what it does and reduce it's impact on our equestrian community.  This change will also reduce the concern for our horse's welfare during this time.  We can't have f
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