USEA Area VII Contacts


Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska

Area Chairman
John Meriwether
(425) 785-2001
[email protected]

Lorilee Hanson
(425) 271-7474
L[email protected]

Young Rider Coordinator 
Karla Nichwander
[email protected]

Adult Rider Coordinator 
Maggie Rikard
(360) 825-4758
m[email protected]

Board of Governors Area Representatives 
Janis Linnan
(208) 861-2885
[email protected] 

Jonathan Elliott
(360) 485-2043
J[email protected]

Adult Rider Representative 
Catie Cejka 
[email protected] 

Young Rider Representative 
Kristen Holderman 
[email protected]

Area Organizers Representatives 
Meika Decher 
(910) 639-2695
[email protected]

Area Secretary
Louise Leslie
(425) 836-5616
[email protected]

Website Organizer 
Luigi Meneghelli
[email protected]

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